Dedicated Partnership Approach

In order to dedicate itself to the continued Online Success of its clients, we have set up a Magico Partner Network where groups of clients come together at quarterly workshops throughout the year to discuss their experiences in the real, online environment.

Magico’s dedicated account management team report on any new techniques that are starting to show results in sales, marketing and online social media management and guest speakers are invited to speak on key trends in the web industry.

Over the last 2 years, the average increase in online revenue for retailers
engaged in this programme has been 140%.

This shared experience offers practical advice and support to clients who may feel like the internet is an intimidating and unknown arena for them to compete in, and is all the more pertinent coming from other business owners who, while they may be trading in different industries, are facing the exact same challenges in the online world.

The Magico Partner Network allows clients to ask questions, learn from the experience of others and avoid mistakes. It enables clients to return to their businesses and implement new ideas with confidence. The online world is a live environment with constantly changing variables. Being connected to a network of retailers facing the same challenges provides huge support, learning and empowerment.

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