Complete eCommerce ERP and EPOS Systems Integration Module

Magico Has Developed A New State-Of-The-Art Systems Integration Module

ECommerce ERP & EPOS Systems Integration

For your B2C business we can automate product, price and stock updates from your POS to the Online Store and automate the download of online orders directly from the Online Store back into your POS/ERP. For your B2B business we can make special account contracted pricing available online to your B2B Customers, facilitate your B2B customer purchasing online at a time that suits them, allow customers to view their online and instore orders through the online channel and increase visibility of customer accounts and buying behaviour for the internal sales team, buying team and management team.

Magico has integrated this module with Fashion Master EPOS System, EPICOR, SAP Business One,
and has the capability to integrate with many other EPOSs and ERPs.

The integration of your online store with your EPOS system allows your website to automatically keep prices up to date and have accurate stock levels across your business. The retailer now enters all core product information (listed below) into their EPOS and all of this information automatically and seamlessly integrates to the online store every 15 minutes; while order and stock integration are updated much more frequently – more on this below.

  • Product Code
  • Product Title
  • Price
  • Product Description
  • Stock Level
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Related Products
  • Custom Fields i.e. Shipping Bands
  • Promotions
  • Primary/Secondary Category for Online
  • Brand Category for Online Store

The only touch point the retailer has with the administration of the catalogue on the Online Store is to Bulk Upload Product Images through our MagiShop Admin Panel which automatically assign and display on the product once uploaded. One of the other key benefits of this integration is the management of, and frequent update of orders and stock levels, between the EPOS and the Online Store:

  • Online Sales are now downloading from MagiShop every 5 minutes
  • When an order is made Instore, the Online Store Stock levels are adjusted within 5-10 minutes
  • When orders are placed Online, the Online Store Stock levels are adjusted immediately


All of these changes mean:

  • Significant reductions in the time required for the retailer to get products online
  • Real Time Stock Updates will reduce the lost revenue and volume of admin around the management of orders that couldn’t be fulfilled when high order volumes and low stock levels combine

Vaughan Shoes: A Fashion Master Integration Story

Uploading Process

The Fashion Master and Magico systems integration has completely streamlined the process of uploading products to our website Vaughan Shoes. We have gone from a 40 step up loading process for each shoe, down to 15 step process. All the uploading is now done on our Fashion Master EPOS system with the exception of the product images.

Previous to the systems integration, we were duplicating a lot of tasks on our EPOS system and in MagiShop. This new feature has been a revelation for us, and is allowing us to save time and money every day and focus on what we are good at: selling shoes.

Real Time Stock = Game Changer

Another key feature of the Fashion Master and Magico systems integration is the real time stock feature. This has been a game changer for us and it has increased our order fulfillment percentage. Our order fulfillment percentage on Black Friday 2016 v Black Friday 2017 increased from 70% to 95%. This one feature resulted in:

  • Increased turnover
  • Increased opportunity
  • Reduced workload
  • No negativity associated with unfulfilled orders
  • Cost and time savings
  • Most importantly – happier customers!

In-store Digital Experience

The Fashion Master and Magico system integration has also helped us introduce a better digital experience in-store for our customers. As an omni-channel business, we wanted to bring some of the digital and online experience to our in-store customers in our bricks and mortar stores. Magico and Fashion Master have now developed similar technology to Zara – one of the most cutting edge and successful retailers in the world.

We have our website on in-store tablets and screens, and the customer can filter what size and colour shoe they are looking for with the help of our in-store team. This is a brilliant sales tool for our in-store team and they are able to show the customer what range of shoes are available in their sizes, again in real time. This speeds up the sale journey and increases your chance converting potential customers to sales. Again more happy customers, more sales, and a happier retailer!

Thank You

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Orla, Paul and all the team at Magico, and all the team at CBE for working so tirelessly on this project over the last 2 years. They have now paved the way and made it much easier for other SME to bring their store online. It’s great to see Irish companies working together and creating innovative end to end solutions for omni-channel retailers.

– Donal Vaughan / Vaughan Shoes

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