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Professional Online Stores

A high-end, mobile-optimised, quality Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce solution.  Our eCommerce Platform is designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of Business-to-Consumer Retailers and Business-to-Business Wholesalers across Ireland and Internationally.  Our suite of advanced eCommerce features and our dedicated partnership approach are built on seventeen years of experience in the industry.  Our goals are to optimise online conversion, revenue growth and operational efficiencies for our clients. Your Online Success is Our Ongoing Business.

Specialists In Integration

Automate the integration of your online store with your internal system.  Our platform is fully integrated with Turn Key partners which include Fashion Master, SAP, EPICOR and Microsoft Navision/Dynamics and comes with open interfaces which allow you to plug your system into our software.

For your B2C business we can automate product, price and stock updates from your POS to the Online Store and automate the download of online orders directly from the Online Store back into your POS/ERP.

For your B2B business we can make special account contracted pricing available online to your B2B Customers, facilitate your B2B customer purchasing online at a time that suits them, allow customers to view their online and instore orders through the online channel and increase visibility of customer accounts and buying behaviour for the internal sales team, buying team and management team.

Dedicated Partnership Approach

In order to dedicate itself to the continued Online Success of its clients, we have set up a Magico Partner Network where groups of clients come together at quarterly workshops throughout the year to discuss their experiences in the real, online environment.

Magico’s dedicated account management team report on any new techniques that are starting to show results in sales, marketing and online social media management and guest speakers are invited to speak on key trends in the web industry.

This shared experience offers practical advice and support to clients who may feel like the internet is an intimidating and unknown arena for them to compete in, and is all the more pertinent coming from other business owners who, while they may be trading in different industries, are facing the exact same challenges in the online world.

The Magico Partner Network allows clients to ask questions, learn from the experience of others and avoid mistakes. It enables clients to return to their businesses and implement new ideas with confidence. The online world is a live environment with constantly changing variables. Being connected to a network of retailers facing the same challenges provides huge support, learning and empowerment.

Over the last 2 years, the average increase in online revenue for retailers on this programme has been 140%.

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