Success Stories | 2014
Magico's clients have increased their online sales by an average of 140% in the last 2 years on the Partner Programme!
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Success Stories

Some of Our Clients' Successes

Our help leads to great things, see some of the achievements of our clients below.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say about working with Magico.

  • Donal Vaughan - Vaughan Shoes

"Having established ourselves as one of the leading footwear retailers in the West of Ireland we were keen to expand our business in the eCommerce market. Through the expertise and efficiency of the friendly Magico team we now have an online store which will complement our existing physical stores and help bring a quality online experience to our customers. We have been more than satisfied not just with the reliability of the service but also the ease with which the site can be customised and administered. We would highly recommend Magico as our company of choice for all our internet projects."

  • Eamonn Caulfield - Caulfield Industrial

"We want to use eCommerce to maintain our existing markets and grow into new markets. We have found that overall our retail businesss has expanded since coming online. Magico helped us with the huge task of putting our product catalogue online. We enjoy the fact that we get to interact with the senior people in Magico in an ongoing basis."

  • Gareth Craig - Conn's Cameras

"We have expanded our business around the country because of our online presence. Our eCommerce site has been an huge bonus over the last 5 years and every second phone call we receive starts with the person telling us about the product that they viewed on our site. Many of those phone orders turn into sales. Overall, Magico offered us a good product and service, and we really enjoy dealing with the team in Magico."

  • Jim Clark - Johnstown Garden Centre

"eCommerce has been vital to our success over the last five years. We had to change the way we operated our business in response to the recession. Our site has helped us expand our reach and widen our customer base. We like to concentrate in the areas that we are strong in. We particularly emphasise selling niche products that people find hard to get anywhere else. We were initially apprehensive about sending plants through the post but it has actually worked out well. Along with making sales online, we find that 25% of the people who come into our physical store have researched what they want online first. We are impressed with Magico’s technical know-how and how they keep up with our needs. We are conscious of the fact that more older people than ever are online so we want a site that is comfortable and easy to use for our customers. We have found that Magico have produced such a site that is adaptable and flexible."

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