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The MagicoB2X Platform - Dual B2C/B2B eCommerce

Open up new revenue channels, reduce operating costs and provide a premium online service to your customers by using the Magico B2X platform.  The Magico B2X platform enables you to have one or more websites targeted at either B2B/trade customers and/or B2C customers - or both.

You can also allow specific customers have their own personalised website showing their own products, have their own special pricing and customise their checkout process.  And customers with large teams can purchase off the website throughout the day with the option for their managers to approve/edit orders before they are submitted - and have all their orders merged into a single order for shipment.

Functionality for both B2C and B2B users:

  • Multiple Catalogues/Websites off master catalogue
  • Product Management
  • Product Variants - e.g. Sizes, Colours
  • Personalisation - based on users previous browsing/orders
  • Mega Menu Dropdown
  • Sidebar Refinements
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Automated Upselling
  • Home Page/Landing Page Builder
  • Integrated Email Subscriptions
  • Comprehensive Promotions Module
  • Multi-Currency
  • Shipping Costs Module
  • Blogs & SEO
  • Social Media Tools Integration
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Integrated Stock Control
  • Automated Emails on Order / Dispatch
  • Automated Abandoned Baskets Email to customers who dont complete orders
  • Wishlists
  • Integrated Order Status & Tracking
  • Click & Collect

Functionality for B2B users:

  • Private Catalogues - for Specific Customers
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • View / Reorder from offline orders - e.g. telephone orders, sales rep orders
  • Bulk add to basket for large orders
  • Manager Approval Process for orders submitted by their team
  • Merging multiple orders into single shipments
  • Customisable Checkout for Specific Customers
  • Multiple Lists Management
  • Reorder from previous orders or order date ranges
  • For discontinued products, can show replacement products
  • For out of stock products, can add to list and be alerted when back in stock
  • On product list page, products previously purchased highlighted
  • On product detail page, quantities ordered over last 15 months displayed
  • Inner Pack / Outer Pack Quantity Validation

Sales Rep Module

Increase sales and reduce costs by enabling your sales reps to become more efficient and effective with their time.  Sales reps and account managers can log in as a super user and switch between accounts easily.  They can also create orders on behalf of their customers and view powerful sales data about their customers including popular products that their customers are not purchasing and popular products that they have not reordered recently.

Customers can also submit quotations online direct to the sales reps and the process back and forth between the customer and sales rep is automated right through to the customer completing the order.

Super User Functionality

  • Master login for all customers
  • Can create baskets for customers to complete
  • Can complete orders on behalf of customers
  • Can create reusable lists for customers
  • Can view popular products not purchased by customer
  • Can view popular products not reordered recently by customer


  • Customers can submit baskets for quotation
  • Sales reps can edit quotation and submit back to customer
  • Automated notifications by email at each step
  • Customer can complete order online

Systems Integration Module

Our platform can integrate with your internal system

Automating the integration of your online store with your internal system allows your website to automatically keep prices up to date and have accurate stock levels - and also allows your online orders to download directly into your internal systems.

Real time data provides an accurate view of stock online and instore, your customer will never be disappointed with incorrect stock information.

Our platform is fully integrated with Turn Key partners and comes with open interfaces which allow you to plug your system into our software.

Example Integrations Completed by Magico

Targeted Email Marketing 
  • Dotmailer
  • Mail Chimp
  • Constant Contact

Intelligent Site Search    
  • Celebros

Personalised Product Recommendations    
  • Nosto

Customer Ratings and Reviews    
  • Feefo
  • Trust Pilot
  • AIB AuthiPay
  • Paypal
  • Realex Payments
  • Datacash
  • Worldnet TPS

  • Clover EPOS
  • SAP
  • Sage 50 & 200
  • Microsoft Dynamics/Navision
  • Meridian
  • Microsoft RMS
  • Torex
  • Merit Systems
  • Just Scan

Email Marketing Module

Personalised email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Our Email Remarketing Module is a fully integrated email platform that automates the management of your mailing list.  For all emails on your database, there is a full order history attached to each email so that you can send targeted personalised emails to each of your customers based on their previous order history.

You can also integrate this with your instore ePos systems so that your instore customers can subscribe to your email platform and all their instore and online orders are then automatically downloaded into your email platform allowing for more powerful targeted emails.

Automated Email List Management

  • Automated Integration with Dot Mailer
  • Automated Integration with Mail Chimp
  • Automated Integration with Constant Contact

Additional Dot Mailer Functionality

  • Full order history for each email automatically integrated
  • Allowing for targeted and personalised emails to each email address
  • Includes collection of emails instore
  • Includes both online and instore order history

Customer Services Module

Increase the quality of your customer service and reduce your operating costs by enabling your customer service reps to become more efficient and effective with their time.  Customer service reps have a fully integrated HELP DESK module allowing them receive queries from customers, manage these queries through their personalised dashboard, and reply to these queries.  When queries viewed by customer service reps, they can automatically view the corresponding order along with any status information available for that order.

Website Self Service Functionality

  • Customers can submit queries through website
  • Customers can view status of query through website under MY TICKETS
  • Customer notified by email of all responses to queries
  • Customer can update query through email
  • Integrated order tracking on website allowing customer self-service for status update

Help Desk Functionality

  • Personalised login for each customer service rep
  • Automated Workflow for customer queries
  • MY TICKETS dashboard for each customer service rep
  • Tickets automatically matched with order when query viewed
  • Template responses for standard queries
  • Automated Integration with Email for replies to queries and customer responses

Accounts Module

Increase the quality of your customer service and reduce your operating costs by enabling your accounts department to become more efficient and effective with their time.

By enabling your customers to use online self service functionality, this will eliminate the countless queries submitted and responded to by your accounts department each day.

Website Self Service Functionality

  • Fully integrated with your accounts system
  • Customers can download invoices and credit notes
  • Customers can view statements online
  • Customers can drill down on an invoice to view orders associated with this invoice
  • Customers can make payments against invoices online

DARE Analytics Module

To help you decide how best to use your time and money, it is important to have a detailed understanding of who your customers are, what products and services they are most interested in and what are the next steps your business needs to take.  Built on top of Google Analytics, DARE allows KPIs to be set and automatically monitored on a daily basis and produces pre-set slideshows showing eCommerce KPIs.

Website Functionality

  • Automated download from Google Analytics every night
  • Automated integration with internal systems analytics
  • Prebuilt KPI slideshows
  • Custom built KPI reports
  • Daily & Monthly Management Reporting
  • Comparison of KPI Actuals against Targets
  • Comparison against previous periods (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual)


  • Prebuilt KPIs and ability to add Custom built KPIs
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Top Performing Products Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Device Performance Analysis - Mobile, Desktop, Tablets
  • Email Marketing Performance Analysis
  • Internal Search Keywords Trends Analysis
  • New Customers / Returning Customers Analysis
  • Organic Search / Paid Search Analysis

Control Centre Module

Having a dependable and scalable eCommerce system is vital for any business who is afraid of the effects any systems downtime will have on their business. For high-end eCommerce systems, it is vital that all live websites, batch jobs, components and sub-systems are monitored every few minutes to ensure that there are no breakpoints - and if there is an issue, it is alerted and responded to within minutes.

Centralised Monitoring System

  • Regular monitor of all systems and activities - called "Alert Reporters"
  • Automated alert through email and SMS for errors/downtime
  • Automated alert for slowness
  • Automated alert for no responses from alert reporters
  • History Archive of all alerts

Alert Reporters

  • Ability to add unlimited number of reporters to monitoring system
  • Prebuilt alert reporters
  • Can add custom built alert reporters
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